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Group Fitness Classes: The Top 5 Benefits You Need To Know

Group Fitness Classes: The Top 5 Benefits You Need To Know

Group fitness classes is nothing new, and unfortunately, Ascend did not invent it. It has been around for a long time and there are plenty of articles about the health benefits it can provide. However, here is Ascend Fitness & Spa’s top five benefits to participating in group classes, that we feel are the most beneficial and important.

1. Structure

The first benefit of taking group fitness classes is that it provides structure without having to think about it.

To start, each class has a warm up, main workout, and cool down. In return, this structure is designed for you to get the most from your workout. For example, the warm up is designed for you to get your heart rate up and ready to start the main portion of the workout. Then, the cool down is great for safely bring your heart rate down.

2. Motivation

The next benefit of taking group classes is the motivation that comes along with it!

For example, you know when you have ZERO motivation to get up and workout? I know we all experience that, and most of the times it is so easy to convince yourself that it is okay to skip. However, with group fitness classes, the motivation to get to class and do a workout with a group of people is both fulfilling and motivating!

3. Community

The third benefit to participating in group fitness classes is the sense of community.

With group classes, you form a community of members to take classes with. From seeing them each class to even motivating one another to push through the workout. The group of people you workout with the most, starts to become and feel like family. It’s amazing to know that there is someone that has your back through the workout.

4. Proper Form

The fourth benefit of group classes is learning how to properly execute exercises.

One of the greatest benefits you can get out of group fitness class is learning proper form. Especially for someone who is just starting their fitness journey, group classes can be a great  place to learn how to properly complete an exercise. In return, by learning proper form, it can also help eliminate the chance for injuries during workouts.

5. Accountability

The fifth, and final benefit to participating in group exercise classes is that it holds you accountable.

Similar to having motivation, accountability helps you show up for your workouts and keeps you moving. A lot of this comes from the people that are in classes with you and will help keep you coming back and therefore, holding you accountable.

Keep Up With Group Fitness at Ascend

There are a ton of incredible benefits to participating in group classes. From motivation to accountability, group fitness is a great way to stay healthy and active.

Continuing, one of the most important things at Ascend is our community and helping others reach their wellness goals. Be sure to come try out one of our group fitness classes and join our fitness community where we are dedicated to taking Wellness to New Heights.

To our valued customers,

At Ascend Fitness & Spa, your health and safety are our highest priorities. As such, we wanted to share with you our participation in Destination Cleveland’s CLEAN COMMITTED initiative.

Destination Cleveland, in partnership with health care experts at the Cuyahoga County Board of Health, Cleveland Clinic, The MetroHealth System and University Hospitals, developed recommended safe practices that local businesses can employ to support the safe and responsible reopening of Cleveland to residents and visitors.

We are proud to share that Ascend Fitness & Spa is an official CLEAN COMMITTED business, and we promise to adhere to the practices recommended to keep our employees and guests safe. We are eager and excited to welcome you back to our establishment and hope that our promise to deliver on this commitment provides you with the comfort and confidence to visit us again. When you’re ready, we will be waiting for you.

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