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The Top Three Surprising Benefits of SLAK Training 

The Top Three Surprising Benefits of SLAK Training 

There are several types of training. Along with each type of training comes the multiple benefits to each one. A unique type of training that offers many benefits is slackline training.  

This September through November, Ascend will be hosting SLAK CLE in a six-week program of diverse types of SLAK training and will offer three main benefits to everyone who takes part.  

So what’s the benefits?

There are three major benefits to the training that SLAK provides. Those three being:

  1. Balancing the nervous system
  2. Improved overall health
  3. It’s easy!

BENEFIT #1: Balancing the nervous system

SLAK Training is all about creating balance within the Nervous System. The Nervous System is how we can hear, speak, smell, taste, see, touch, think, move, everything. Just as you type and move your fingers to use a keyboard, you are also subsequently using your nervous system to control your movements and thoughts and putting it into writing on the screen.  

The nervous system is how we experience our world. SLAK Training is geared at improving that system and we do this using proven techniques like life balance training, breathwork, meditation, stillness and more. 

BENEFIT #2: Improved overall health

SLAK training is also focused on improving overall health. Therefore, SLAK can help improve memory, lower anxiety, lower stress, be calming, and help increase focus. 

This can help contribute towards better decision making, improved physical ability, stronger joints, and reduced propensity for a fall. Through the practice of mindfulness, SLAK is open to help contribute to balancing your mind, body, and soul.  

BENEFIT #3: It’s easy!

SLAK Training is easy and can be done anywhere. With so many movements that we do at SLAK being moves and exercises that can be done inside or outside. All you need is a little bit of space.  

There is nothing better than knowing you have no excuse to not better yourself. Often, we find ourselves not wanting to do something because it is easy to say you don’t have the equipment to do so. With SLAK, there is minimal, if not no equipment needed to improve yourself, both mentally and physically.  

SLAK is easy because it can be for anyone at any level of fitness. It all depends on the effort you put into it. Thus, starters to even more advanced people can take part in SLAK and still feel refreshed and have the fulfilling feeling of completing a workout.  

Cut the SLAK 

There are plenty more benefits that SLAK can provide for you. Come to one or both FREE demos that will be offered on September 14th and 28th at Ascend. If that is not enough, join the six-week program starting October 5th and lasting through November 11th 

The great part of the six-week program is that each week will have a different focus. You can take all the classes, or just take a few—the world is your oyster. 

Thinking of joining the fun? Sign up HERE to reserve your spot and check out each weeks different focus! 

To our valued customers,

At Ascend Fitness & Spa, your health and safety are our highest priorities. As such, we wanted to share with you our participation in Destination Cleveland’s CLEAN COMMITTED initiative.

Destination Cleveland, in partnership with health care experts at the Cuyahoga County Board of Health, Cleveland Clinic, The MetroHealth System and University Hospitals, developed recommended safe practices that local businesses can employ to support the safe and responsible reopening of Cleveland to residents and visitors.

We are proud to share that Ascend Fitness & Spa is an official CLEAN COMMITTED business, and we promise to adhere to the practices recommended to keep our employees and guests safe. We are eager and excited to welcome you back to our establishment and hope that our promise to deliver on this commitment provides you with the comfort and confidence to visit us again. When you’re ready, we will be waiting for you.

For more information about this initiative and to find a list of all CLEAN COMMITTED businesses, visit

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