Why personal training can benefit YOU!

Coming from my own experience of being a trainer for the past 15 plus years, I have seen many different reasons why people engage in personal training. This can range from having personal goals of their own, not knowing what exercises to do, looking for new and intense workouts, or just simply wanting that one on one experience with a professional. Personal training is near and dear to my heart as I thoroughly enjoy helping people in any way possible, especially if I can help them achieve specific goals and help them see results!

Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

Here are some amazing benefits of having a personal trainer:

Accountability and Motivation

Accountability and motivation go hand in hand together. Throw the excuses out the door and commit to a trainer. In turn, the personal trainer will commit that you show up to your appointment. Sticking to a schedule will give you incentive and encouragement to stick to it! It is often hard to get through a workout on your own. When you have a trainer there, motivating you through each last set and rep – you will surely get through it together.


I really enjoy planning workouts tailored to each client. Giving the education on exercises and why they are beneficial is key. I like explaining why you are doing the movement you are doing. Having a trainer there with you while working out helps eliminate the risk of injury by showing the correct form.

Challenging and Variety

From personal experience, it is rather simple to get bored of your workout routine. Maybe you have hit a plateau, or you are not seeing results you want. A personal trainer gives you variety to make each workout different for you! I love including different equipment including machines, free weights, cable machines, body weight and cardio exercises. No two days alike is what I strive for when creating workouts!

More than Fitness

This one is very important to me! I enjoy being more than just a fitness coach – I like to look at it as being their unofficial therapist. I ask clients how their day is, what is going on in their life, and always give them the opportunity to just talk and give other friend-like advice. This can help in various ways such as nutrition, mental health, and relieving stress! Just another way I enjoy helping others!

Your Personal Journey

While personal trainers can seem intimidating and pricey at first, I believe there are trainers that fit every personality, style, budget, and fitness journey. There are so many benefits of personal training to help you gain the knowledge and overcome any obstacles. I encourage you to try it TODAY!

For information on Personal Training at Ascend please visit our Personal Training page to review the trainers we have on staff and take a quiz to help match you with someone who can help you on your fitness journey.


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