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5 Important Facts You Need To Know About One-on-One Personal Training

5 Important Facts You Need To Know About One-on-One Personal Training

Throughout my time as a personal trainer, everybody has had a different reason for their fitness path. The most exciting thing about fitness is that anybody can start anywhere. With personal training, you are getting the most intensive and custom plan built for YOU. 

Working with a personal trainer puts the spotlight on you and your goals, whereas a cookie-cutter program is more worried about getting it out to the masses. With a trainer, you can focus on specific goals and problems in your current fitness path. While also creating a new one with one on one coaching with some of the best professionals in the industry.

Every Program is Different:

Everyone has heard the saying everyone is unique, this holds true in fitness. Working with a personal trainer one on one opens every avenue of completely customized personal development.

The trainers here at Ascend want to see you succeed in every facet of life from; mental focus, to healthy eating, and fitness. We want you to win when you are in our facility and take that mentality to everything in life. We will support you while also guiding you through a new and challenging period where you are putting yourself first.

I like to tell my clients if they give me 100% effort every time, they come in whether it be 30 minutes or 1 hour, I will give them 110% back. Regarding holding them accountable when they are not here with our staff and giving clients the most efficient up-to-date workouts possible.

Keeping Fitness Fun:

Having college athletics in my past a big part of fitness was keeping our minds in tune with our bodies as much as possible. So, I bring those ideas to my training style, the gym should be an incredibly positive and uplifting part of your day.

With a trainer, they can create unique workouts day after day that keeps the mind-muscle connection as sharp as possible. Also, fitness with a partner is usually a bit more fun. Having a personal trainer is a partner that is going to keep you safe while still pushing you to your maximum capacity.

Ever Changing Industry:

Fitness is one of the most unique industries because it is constantly changing, from dietary needs to technology, all the way over to new styles of fitness. The industry is constantly growing and becoming better.

With personal training, you will get a firsthand glimpse into all the up-to-date knowledge and trends. Social media has made fitness more readily available than ever, with that personal trainers are always open to discuss new movements and new healthy living habits, just ask!

Going Past the Weights:

My favorite part about being a personal trainer is making connections with clients that go past just fitness. Building friendships with clients makes for better workouts and better overall trust during those workouts.

It is much better to have a friend cheering you on than just a stranger. From those relationships, you can dive into the nutrition side of fitness and establish healthy lifestyle habits inside and out of the gym.

Explore Every Avenue:

Fitness has so many different identities, including; powerlifting, CrossFit, yoga, HIIT, and cardio. There is truly something for everyone! Therefore, if it sounds even the slightest bit interesting to you… take that leap and try it.

See What Ascend Has To Offer:

Here at Ascend, we have a variety of classes to get a taste of various kinds of exercise, then from there take your curiosity and do a free consultation with one of our trainers. From there you can create a custom fitness path to achieve your desired goals!

To our valued customers,

At Ascend Fitness & Spa, your health and safety are our highest priorities. As such, we wanted to share with you our participation in Destination Cleveland’s CLEAN COMMITTED initiative.

Destination Cleveland, in partnership with health care experts at the Cuyahoga County Board of Health, Cleveland Clinic, The MetroHealth System and University Hospitals, developed recommended safe practices that local businesses can employ to support the safe and responsible reopening of Cleveland to residents and visitors.

We are proud to share that Ascend Fitness & Spa is an official CLEAN COMMITTED business, and we promise to adhere to the practices recommended to keep our employees and guests safe. We are eager and excited to welcome you back to our establishment and hope that our promise to deliver on this commitment provides you with the comfort and confidence to visit us again. When you’re ready, we will be waiting for you.

For more information about this initiative and to find a list of all CLEAN COMMITTED businesses, visit

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