4 Easy Steps To Know To Get Your Fitness Journey Started

4 Easy Steps You Need To Know To Get Your Fitness Journey Started

Have you ever pondered the idea of starting your fitness journey but never know where to start?

Well, this is the article for you as we will discuss the four main ways to get you started on a life changing path. It is never easy to try something new but with a little open-mind and a willingness to change your life this a great start. 

Start Small 

In any new venture it is great to start with the basics and get to know the area. This is the same thing with fitness and health.

There are two different categories when trying to plan out your fitness desires. The first being the biggest in Nutrition. No one will ever be able to out-work a poor diet and that is where most fail. Experiment with different foods and find what you like. Everyone is different and gain/lose weight in different ways.

The second category is exercise. A small first step is start going for walks in the parks, around the neighborhood or wherever feels most comfortable! It drastically will change the way you view fitness as well as help you along the way in your fitness journey. It’s not all running and lifting weights to start. Once the walks start it changes perspective on how little it actually takes to get started and see a difference.

You can do this all it talks is one small step! 

Set A Schedule And Follow it! 

This is one of the most important tips in this post.

Once you take that small step DO NOT stop. Set a schedule of your walks/workouts and what the meals are going to be. It only takes a person 18 days to form a new habit. After those 18 days, it will be so regular that the results you want will start to show! Not only that, but then you can start setting new fitness goals for yourself as well for your journey.  

Find A Friend  

You are not alone!

There are other people out there that want to get started on their own fitness journey! What better way to start than with a friend? Friends hold each other accountable, lift each other up and are a great source of motivation to help keep you going on those days where you just don’t want to get to the gym.

Remind Yourself There Is A Great Outcome In The End 

Fitness is a long journey with many ups but also many downs. There will be periods where there will not be any progress and that okay. On those tough periods it is always great to remind yourself why you took that small step and to see the progress made since then. It is a marathon not a race.

Start At Ascend

Ready to put your goals into action?! Start here at Ascend! 

With amazing personal trainers, unlimited group fitness classes and an entire gym to get you started, there are no limits to the goals you set for yourself.

If you are looking to start your fitness journey today, reach out to us at info@ascendfitnessandspa.com to ask any questions you may have. Or stop in and receive a tour of the gym and meet some of our personal trainers and staff.

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